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Wenceslao Sales

     Wenceslao "Islao" del Carmen Sales, or Estanislao as he was erroneously called for most of his life, was the third child of Santiago Sales and Eulogia del Carmen, and the twin brother of Sofia Sales.

     Lolo Islao and his twin Lola Pia were born in Moalboal, Cebu, on September 28, 1890. They were baptized three days later. Lolo Islao and his brothers and sisters all grew up in Moalboal.

     Prior to his marriage, Wenceslao sired two children out of wedlock: Gerardo Rabuya and Maximina Lababat. At the age of 26, Islao decided to settle down and married Ma. del Carmen Edesa Legaspi, probably a woman from the city of Cebu. They were married on June 28, 1917 in Moalboal.

     He spent his life in Moalboal as a farmer while his wife had a small store. They had eight children: Teodora, Salud, Bienvenido, Honorata, Florencio, Restituta, Mariano, and Adriano.

     Wenceslao was also active in Moalboal politics and served as a political leader to Senator Mariano Jesus Cuenco and his brother, Representative Miguel Cuenco. He was also a one-time councilor of Moalboal.

     After a long time of stay in Cebu, Wenceslao and Carmen  decided to settle elsewhere to seek for the proverbial greener pasture. He and his entire family migrated to Davao City in 1949. He died in Davao City on January 28, 1973.