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History of the Surname

The family name Sales itself has had a distinguished history in Spain. Research has shown that it was already a well known, and, to some extent, a notorious family in the provinces of Catalonia and Majorca in the Spanish peninsula in as early as the fifteenth century.  There is also an indication that the Sales family of Spain belonged to the nobility; as portrayed in its Coat-of-Arms, a particular branch of the Sales family was well loved and favored by the King of Spain. (, 2003)


     Some say that the Sales family is of Geronese origin, but most research has indicated that it has roots in Majorca. 


     Some have also confused the surname Sales with the last name Salas, although etymologically and by definition both surnames are not the same.  The first mention of a Sales in Spanish history is Don Guillermo de Sales, a scion of an already prominent Basque family, who actively participated in the Battle of Puig against the Moorish King Zaen, under the leadership of King Jaime I The Conqueror.  In that particular battle, history relates how the Conqueror-King was badly wounded in one fight and Don Guillermo de Sales had the distinct privilege of carrying his monarch to safety.  Because of his valor and for saving the Kings life, King Jaime rewarded Don Guillermo with wealth and honors, and he established his dynasty in Amposta.  Later, his descendants branched out to Aragon and Majorca and then to Navarre. (www.liņ, 2003)


     Other prominent Saleses in Spanish history include Don Bartolome de Sales and Don Rodrigo de Sales, who took part in the conquest of Alcoy.


     The family is a registered member of the Sala de Hijosdalgos, an organization in Spain of proven descendants of noble families.  It has several coats-of-arms listed in the heraldic offices of Spain.  Below are the different coats-of-arms and their corresponding origins and histories.


     Figure 2, is the original Coat-of-Arms granted by the Spanish monarch King Jaime I to Don Guillermo de Sales for his bravery and valor in the war where he saved the kings life.  The shield is Vert (green) with an Argent (Silver) club in bend.  The Sales family of Valencia, Spain also later on used this particular coat-of-arms.


          Figure three is the coat-of-arms used by the Sales family situated in the province of Cataluņa, Spain.  Its description is: Quarterly: 1st and 4th, Chequy Sable(black) and Or (Gold); 2nd and 3rd, Gules (red) with Or single fleur-de-lis over an Or mountain.


     The third coat-of-arms, displayed here as figure 4, is the other arms used by the Cataluņa branch of the Sales family.  It is Or (gold) with three Sable (black) bars in fess.


     Figure five is the coat-of-arms used by the Sales family of Gerona, Spain.  It is Or (gold) with two Gules (red) wings.


     Figure 6 is the personal coat-of-arms of Asensi Sales, a former Bishop of Barcelona, Spain, and based on the arms of Don Guillermo de Sales.  It is Vert (green) with a single Argent (silver) club situated standing on a mountain.


   Another arms used by the other branches of the Sales family in Spain is shown here in figure 7.  It is Azure (blue) with a single Or (gold) tower standing on a Vert (green) terrace.


     Figure 8 shows the Mallorca Sales familys coat-of arms.  It is Quarterly: 1st, Vert (green) a single cross gules (red),  2nd, Azure (blue) two Or (gold) bars in bend, 3rd, Azure (blue) three wavy bars in fess. 


     Finally, the last coat of arms, figure 9, is the coat-of-arms used by the Guernica branch of the Sales family of Spain.  It is also the oldest existing coat-of-arms of the Sales family, having the motto: these are the arms with the favors shown by the King of Spain.  It is Argent (silver) with a single triple-towered castle, a Sable (black) wolf, and a tree standing beside the castle.  (, 2003)